BHL-Europe Final Meeting, Europeana Plenary and other events

In recent weeks, several interesting events were held across Europe and of course OpenUp! was there: Long night of science, Symposium of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), BHL-Europe Final Meeting , 11th Larwood meeting and Europeana plenary event.

We already informed you about the Long Night of Science in Berlin in our last post, but this event was followed by the closely related BHL-Europe final meeting. This meeting was held in Jerusalem Church in Berlin June 4th – 6th and part (the first day) was a symposium on the topic of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CDB), which was adopted 20 years ago. A new OpenUp! poster was presented and stayed displayed during this entire BHL-Europe event, and discussed during coffee breaks and poster sessions by Jiří Frank. During the BHL-Europe Show and Tell session which was on the second day of this event, the OpenUp! project was presented by Petra Böttinger. During afternoon session Jiří Frank presented Biodiversity Library Exhibition (BLE) and its relation with BHL-Europe, OpenUp! and Europeana.You can find more information about this event on BHL-Europe blog here.

In parallel with the Long night of Science, OpenUp! was introduced during the 11th Larwood meeting in Brno, Czech Republic by Kamil Zágoršek. From Thursday, May 31st to Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, the Department of Geological Sciences, Masaryk University in BRNO (Czech Republic) hosted the 11th Larwood meeting. 29 colleagues from 25 European countries and Brazil took part in the meeting, presenting 23 talks and 6 posters. Dr. Kamil Zágoršek introduced the OpenUp! project on June 1st, explaining the ideas behind the project, describing content delivered to Europeana and outlining prospective usage of this content by the scientific community.

June 13th – 15th the Europeana Plenary event was held in Leuven, Belgium, which was a great opportunity to discuss and share ideas and details with the staff of Europeana (the primary OpenUp! aggregator). The program was full of very interesting sessions and presentations, and there was also space for presenting the OpenUp! project by Kamil Zágoršek during the Open Mike session. During the Europeana Plenary, Hack4Europe 2012 was organised and its preview of prototypes is published here. For more details about this event and programme please visit the conference website and Europeana blog.

We are currently preparing a new regular blog about Natural History content highlights. Stay tuned!

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