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The Natural History Aggregator OpenUp! welcomes and invites all kinds of natural history or scientific institutions to join and share their precious heritage in a digitized manner with the world via the Europeana platform. Especially for smaller or medium size institutes we offer tailored support (helpdesk) and training events.


   Workshops  (2016, 2017)

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Workshop Montpellier (F)


Participants of the Montpellier Workshop 2016

Resources of the Montpellier Workshop:

Montpellier workshop 2016 01 - Europeana Intro
Montpellier workshop 2016 02 - OpenUp!
Montpellier workshop 2016 03 - Data Highway to Europeana
Montpellier workshop 2016 04 - OpenUp! Metadata
Montpellier workshop 2016 05 - Access to the Memory of Europe
Montpellier workshop 2016 06 - Copyright
Montpellier workshop 2016 07 - Documents


Workshop Graz (A)



OpenUp! Administrative Documents


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