Article on BioCASe Monitor published in the Biodiversity Data Journal !

The BioCASe Monitor Service (BMS) is a web-based tool for coordinators of distributed
data networks that provide information to web-portals and data aggregators via the
BioCASe Provider Software. Building on common standards and protocols, it has three
main purposes: (1) monitoring provider’s progress in data provision, (2) facilitating checks
of data mappings with a focus on the structure, plausibility and completeness, and (3)
verifying compliance of provided data for transformation into other target schemas.
Herein two use cases, GBIF-D and OpenUp!, are presented in which the BMS is being
applied for monitoring the progress in data provision and performing quality checks on the
ABCD (Access to Biological Collection Data) schema mapping.
However, the BMS can potentially be used with any conceptual data schema and protocols
for querying web services. Through flexible configuration options it is highly adaptable to
specific requirements and needs. Thus, the BMS can be easily implemented into
coordination workflows and reporting duties within other distributed data network projects.

You can access the article using this link or through the "Publications" section.

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